Making your own schedule.

Being recently laid off I’ve had time to get other areas of my life together. There was so much to take care of that you just don’t think about when you’re working the 9-5 schedule. Things like cleaning out the closet and taking things you haven’t used in years down to the nearest donation center. Putting together that bike you bought a few weeks ago. Hooking up the printer because, be honest… when was the last time you had to print anything.

To be fair I started changing the way I manage my own life a few months back. I reconnected with a friend from high school who just looked put together. I mean their apartment was and is always ready for guests. No dishes in the sink. Hand towels in the bathroom for company. Everything had a place. It occurred to me that having it all together wasn’t enough, I had to look the part too. So I started in and spent the weekend reorganizing my life/apartment. I started accessorizing my outfits. I made a huge effort to break my habit of “putting things away later”. People noticed. I got more compliments. I felt better. I knew that even with only a 10 min warning that I’d have company that I could be ready. Then I lost my job…

I wasn’t upset about losing my 9-5 but after the first week I was starting to have trouble keeping a schedule for myself. I’ve never been good at “doing nothing”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking time to read or zone out in front of the TV but, I really need to get out and see people or I’m pretty sure I’d lose it.

This is when a great idea occurred to me. I had a fundraiser coming up for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. It was scheduled to be an art show and they needed one more artist. I knew a great photographer so I asked and they agreed. All of the sudden I had another list of things to do. I was ecstatic! I helped choose the photos, the mats, the frames. I came up with a hanging display. I stepped in to show the art because the artist had a prior engagement. This was their first show and in a way it was mine too and we did well. Along the way I learned how to make business cards, frame/crop photos to highlight the subject, recalibrate a computer (to better match the colors you see on the screen to what prints out) and most important I learned that I could trust myself.


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